Explore All Your Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting Options

Are you looking for ways to update your home’s appearance? With the right lighting combinations in your kitchen or bathroom, you can give your home a completely different feel. In fact, if you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, switching out the lighting can increase its resale value. At My Diamond Bar Electrician Hero in Diamond Bar, we offer custom lighting services to help homeowners get the lighting they need at amazing prices. Not sure what you want? That’s not a problem. Our licensed electricians are outstanding. They can give you lighting ideas to create a customized lighting design that is not only creative and beautiful, but highly functional.

Create Warmth and Sophistication with Bathroom Lighting

The right lighting plays up architectural features, makes small rooms appear larger, and achieves a feeling of intimacy in larger spaces. With proper lighting, you can create the ideal mood in your bathroom. Keep reading to find out more about the bathroom lighting installation options we offer.

Cabinet Lighting: Did you think cabinet lighting was just for bathrooms? Not at all. We install bathroom cabinet lighting all the time. One of the more popular options is adding lighting to the bottom of cabinets. This makes walking at night less dangerous.

Vanity and Mirror Lighting: With the right lighting above bathroom mirrors, you’ll always leave the house looking picture-perfect. Also, a good vanity light design will immediately make a room look bigger.

Ceiling Fixtures: If you’re bathroom doesn’t have a ceiling light, you’re missing out. Ceiling fixtures add extra light and can automatically add style to an otherwise boring room.

Shower and Bathtub Lights: Create a spa-like atmosphere with shower lights. These lights are also available with dimmer switches so you can relax in the tub without a blinding light shining in your face. Did you know that many shower lights also come with a built-in exhaust fan and even Bluetooth speakers? Your home’s bathroom could be the coolest in the neighborhood!

Recessed Lighting: This is the perfect overhead lighting solution in bathrooms without high ceilings.

Toilet Lighting: A great solution for toilets that are confined to their own space and separated from the rest of the bathroom by a door or wall. Many homeowners opt to install dimmers to make it easier to get to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Other types of lighting for bathrooms include accent and indirect lighting. Ask your electrician for suggestions about how these types of lighting solutions can benefit you.

Premium Kitchen Lighting Installation

The kitchen is the center of your home. So why not make it shine? Adding a customized lighting package to your kitchen will improve appearance, make it easier to cook, and add to your home’s resale value. Consider the following types of kitchen lighting.

Over-the-Sink Lighting: This is a great way to get direct light exactly where you need it without turning on overhead lighting.

Cabinet Lighting: Many homeowners opt to install under-cabinet lighting to illuminate counters and make it easier to see while preparing food. However, there are other types of cabinet lighting that you may want to consider such as above-cabinet lighting for ambiance, lighting along the base of cabinets for illumination, and lighting inside cabinets with glass fronts to showcase special dishes.

Recessed Lighting: Canned lighting is less harsh than fluorescent overhead lighting. It’s also ideal in homes that do not have high ceilings.

Island Lighting: Is your kitchen equipped with an island? This is an often-overlooked area that can benefit from lighting. Whether you’re cooking, hanging out, or using the island as a place to work, the right lighting will always set an inviting mood.

Other types of lighting to consider for modern kitchens is kitchen nook lighting, accent lighting, wall scones, and pendant lighting.

No matter what your lighting needs may be, call My Diamond Bar Electrician Hero for a FREE evaluation and customized plan. Stop living with insufficient lighting. Update your home’s lighting today!

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